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Cerulean a.k.a C.J

A brave, intuitive, prideful, and overprotective human-turned Pokemon. With a large ego that she just loves to make bigger, she will do anything to prove she's the best. She's knowledgeable about battle and strategy by instinct, but she nearly never uses this to her advantage. She'd rather just flail and hope she had hit them hard enough to deal some damage. It also doesn't help that she hates to wait and prepare. She almost never has any items on her due to her habit to use it all up on food or useless stuff.


Yuudai 'Yukawa' Hisakawa

A mischievous Pokemon who is hot headed and rash. He loves to play pranks on the other villagers, causing him to bad and unreliable reputation. He is usually silent unless you have gotten on his nerves. He may act tough but he can be kind at times. Yukawa is a nickname given to him by his father. Though it's only really used when he's in trouble, so he deeply dislikes it.



Hey there! Is it SHOCKING that you found me? Heh. I know.. that was a really bad pun..


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